I am planning a wedding at the end of October, so this will be a tradiational fall wedding, but the things is I hate the color orange. It is a long story. But northern Massachusetts will be awash in color I truly dislike, orange.

Just because your wedding is in the fall, doesn't mean it has to be fall colors!

While I can't get around what it looks like outside, I would like to have more control of the way the colors look at the reception. I had a girlfriend who used deep cranberry red chocolatey brown for an October wedding, and it was really beautiful, though I don't want to just take her colors.

We want to pay homage to the season but not necessarily have it be the theme.

I really love browns/tans, reds and greens but I don't want to look too much like a Christmas wedding. I've been scouring Pinterest and other blogs but I can't seem to find a happy medium between the stereotypical Autumn and Christmas theme.

I am leaning toward a shade of purple, which looks great for weddings in fall in my oppinion. But some people have been telling me it isn't a wedding color.

My fiance tells me to have purples if I want purples!

He just doesn't want it to overwhelm the rest of a more neutral contrasting color palette.

We're doing purples, cream, green, and gold. I, too, didn't want a "purple wedding" (honestly I usually don't even like purple!) so most of the decor will be gold and cream, with a lot of greens from the florals. The purple will come from some of the flowers (going fairly neutral with pops of purple jewel tones) and the uplighting.

The bridesmaids aren't matching, so this is a nice palette for the girls minus the gold; each one gets to pick a different color.

I wanted to avoid feeling too "seasonal." Picking colors is hard! Seriously, it was the most difficult decision we've made so far. I think having a "Fall" themed wedding because it's Fall is just not creative - of course if that's what your into, that's fine - and there are so many ways to make your wedding unique.

I really enjoy the elegance that I feel Autumn has without looking like pumpkins and apples threw up all over the décor.

Right now my favorite color combo for a fall wedding are still the colors that fall in the range of cranberry and dusty light blue which combines a lot of aspects that I like.

No matter what colors you decide to go with for your fall wedding, I should note that one very important piece of information to keep in mind is that you're going to be in the midst of the fall leaves remember that yellow/orange/red's complimentary colors are purple/blue/green respectively.

Any of those colors pop and can contrast well when put up against their complimentary color.