This is my secretest guiltiest pleasure. Seriously. Some people go to comic cons.

I marathon BBC.

I am crazy for this shit. I am totally normal 90% of the time. The rest of it goes into this insanity. Most of these are on youtube under some obscure abbreviation. All of these I love.

P&P, North and South are the classics. Any fool knows this. (I kid, I kid!)

Other well made ones are :

  1. Wives and Daughters
  2. Our Mutual Friend (aaaahhh)
  3. River Queen (if you haven't seen River Queen go see River Queen!)
  4. Lorna Doone

Jane Eyre 1983, 2006 and 2011 (Now, at first glance, the 1983 one may appear dull as dirt. It's one of those Masterpiece Theatre ones where they film it like it's a play. But never have I seen as much passion in a movie such as this. Mr. Rochester is DEFINED by Timothy Dalton's role. All other Mr. Rochesters' pale in comparison. He is a madman with an intense, almost abusive, passion for Jane, and one scene in particular is just riveting. He said this was the best bit he's ever acted)

  1. Ruby in the Smoke
  2. Emma 2009 and 1996
  3. Little Dorrit (Dickens was the king at making fun of bureaucracy)
  4. A Town Like Alice 1956
  5. Sense and Sensibility 1995 & 2008
  6. Under the Greenwood Tree (a bit... more provincial than usual)
  7. Northanger Abbey
  8. Persuasion 1995 and 2007
  9. Daniel Deronda
  10. Bleak House
  11. The Legend of 1900 (the first period drama I got into. I love the scene where he first falls in love.)
  12. Secret Garden both 1986 and 1993. (The 1993 is better, but the 1986 has amazing surrealistic cinematography of India and soundtrack. God I'm going to die alone.)

  13. A Little Princess

  14. A Room With a View
  15. Mansfield Park 1999 (The new BBC one is good too, but for some reason the main character bugs me)
  16. A Royal Affair
  17. The Outsider 2002
  18. Lillies

Low budget but I still love them:

  1. Far from the Madding Crowd 1998 (SO excited for the remake. While my sister thinks this is boring, I love love this version They follow John Hardy's book to a T. Even the part where she wakes him up by sprinkling goat milk on him, it was interesting to see a small, irreverent detail like that copied into the movie).
  2. Falling for a Dancer
  3. The Winslow Boy (Romance is subtle, but perfect)
  4. Firelight

Everybody seems to be making fun of Catherine Cookson, apparently the only people allowed to like her stuff is old english nannies with curlers in their hair.

My fav CC movie versions are 'The Fifteen Streets', 'The Moth', 'Wingless Bird', 'Glass Virgin', and 'Tide of Life'. Avoid the 'Dwelling Place', unless you like watching the protagonist fall in love with her rapist. I said it, I LOVE Catherine Cookson.

  1. Sweet Land
  2. Passchendaele
  3. Random Passage
  4. Swept from the sea
  5. Tipping the Velvet
  6. Lost World 2001 (Are Victorian-era dinosaurs allowed?)
  7. Berkeley Square
  8. Snow Walker (well this was set in the 1940's, but so so beautiful)
  9. For Love Alone (Sam Neill, amiright? This movie is actually impossible to find, I had to buy a VHS copy from New Zealand)
  10. Cold Comfort Farm ("I saw something nasty in the woodshed")
  11. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  12. The Magic of Ordinary Days
  13. Middlemarch

Some super popular, expensively-made period dramas that everyone's already likely seen:

  1. The Piano (Beautiful).
  2. Last of the Mohicans (will always be a fav)
  3. Roan Inish
  4. Possession
  5. Count of Monte Cristo
  6. Little Women
  7. The African Queen (The ending made me so happy)
  8. Girl With A Pearl Earring
  9. The Illusionist
  10. Gosford Park
  11. Hope and Glory
  12. Black Beauty
  13. Dr. Zhivago

I, I have to admit, I love Robin Hood movies... Including the Errol Flynn one...

Oh god I hate myself right now. No regrets!